DIY Wall Fringe

If you are looking for an easy and affordable DIY project to decorate your walls, you are in the right place!

For this project you will need a stick (or a rod or macramé ring, etc), yarn and scissors. I found a medium size stick in my backyard that I use to hang my yarn from. I used grey and white yarn but your colour options are endless and you could use multiple colours within the same piece.

 Make a slipknot with a long piece of yarn, around the stick and tighten as shown below;

Repeat as many times as you want; 

I added white to the centre and ends using a few pieces bunched together and tied in a slipknot.

I tied a long piece of yarn to both ends of the stick and hung on the wall.


I trimmed the edges on an angle once it was hung.

Pretty simple, right? I am excited to make more using different colours and patterns, and it would be a cute homemade gift :)

Jess xx