DIY Floating Shelves

I am still trying to complete projects only using materials I have on hand. I did cave slightly and purchased some wood but it is so inexpensive that I don't feel too bad about it. I have been wanting to add some natural wood accents to a few spaces around the house. First on my list was to create some floating shelves for the dining room.

I made two for our downstairs bathroom which I absolutely love so I used the same plans provided by Thrifty & Chic Decor, this time using their exact measurements (I made my bathroom shelves 24in rather than 36). You can find the full tutorial here.

I purchased my wood at Home Depot and cut it at home using my table saw. I assembled the shelves as per the instructions and stained using Minwax Dark Walnut that I had on hand. I finished them using my Annie Sloan dark wax. I hung them ensuring to drill into the studs as I wanted them to be able to support some weight.



Brackets hung, drilled into the studs

Brackets hung, drilled into the studs

Shelves slide over your brackets

Shelves slide over your brackets


I styled the shelves primarily using items I had around the house. I did purchase the Brown Booze recipe book from Homesense as well as the water jug from the dollar store. This tea cup was my grandmother's so it is very fitting that it is now on display. My favourite piece displayed on my new shelves is the framed cow picture. I already had the large black frame and found this free minimal cow printable from Okie Home.


I always have San Pellegrino bottles on hand that I love to use for styling and decor. I also used the small wood wine sign to cover/distract from our thermostat. I made the decorative orb using embroidery hoops I had on purchased on sale awhile ago. I intend on spray painting them gold but haven't gotten to it yet.

I am so thrilled with how the shelves turned out. I think they compliment the space really well. And, they cost less than $10 per shelf to make. I have plans to build an industrial style side table to replace the current piece underneath the shelves. Just another project on my list :)

Stay tuned for more DIY wood projects.

Jess xx

DIY Wall Art

Hello, friends! With my sister's wedding now over (tear) I have been enjoying coming home after work and not diving into any planning or decorating. But I always start to feel restless when I am not productive so I am happy to be returning to DIY projects and home décor. I have promised myself that I will finish any projects that I have yet to complete and for anything new, I am trying not to spend by using supplies I already have on hand (we'll see how long this lasts :).

Today I am sharing some simple DIY wall art I created. I found my inspiration from this Target Style print.

I picked up a couple of blank canvases from the dollar store (which yes, this was a purchase but justifiable because they were only $1). I had black paint on hand as well as a small circular foam sponge. I used painted tape to create a 1.5in border around the canvas. I dipped my sponge into my paint and wiped off the excess. I started in the top left corner, overlapping onto the tape. I sort of smudged and dragged the sponge as I didn't want to create perfect circles. I worked my way across stamping left to right. I completed this in rows down the length of the canvas until I reached the tape along the bottom and then removed the tape immediately.

You could leave your print as is but I decided to frame mine using a spare 1x2 I had in the garage. I made a really simple frame, not even using 45 degree angles at the corners, instead just overlapping the wood along the top to attach to the sides. I used a table saw to make my cuts and attached using an air nailer. I stained my frame using Minwax Dark Walnut prior to inserting the canvas. I used a few nails to secure the canvas to the frame as well.

See, super simple right? I think TK was laughing at me when I said I was making wall "art".  But I am super happy with it and have it hung proudly in our dining room.

For my next piece, I used a smaller canvas and painted it using Behr Poppyseed leftover from my master bedroom accent wall.

Next I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll from the recycling. Yes, you read that right. I dipped the end of it in some white paint (Behr Ultra White semi gloss I have on hand for trim and what not). Again, I used a stamping "technique" and covered the entire canvas in rows of white circles.

Again I didn't want perfect circles or placement so I was careful not to get too much paint of the paper towel roll and only lightly stamped it on the canvas. You can see that a few have a heavier outline but I like that each one is a bit different from the next.

I also chose to add a frame to this guy but you could obviously leave it as is and it would look great. I had a pressure treated 1x1 in the garage and I used the same method as above to create a frame and attach it to the canvas, the only difference is I did not stain it.

Again, really easy!  A 4 year old could make these (sans frame) and you would never know that I didn't grab these from Homesense since abstract is in!

So there you have today's super easy and inexpensive idea for your own wall art! Grab some $1 canvases and any paint you have on hand and get creative :)

Jess xx


DIY Chevron Wood Arrows

Welcome to DIY project #2 I didn't plan on completing but had the itch in between wedding decorating to-do's.

I see these chevron wood arrows all over my fav instagram feeds and on Pinterest so I decided to make a few of my own. I had a couple of 2x4s hanging out in the garage that were intended to make a frame for a full length mirror. Unfortunately, the said mirror made it's way into the trash but I'm NOT blaming anyone (cough, TK, cough).

I headed to my rents with my 2x4s in tow to use their miter saw. I made a 45 degree angled cut at the end of my board, then measured 12 inches from this point and marked with my pencil where I made my second angled cut. I measured 12 inches again from this corner and cut and now I had two pieces of angled wood that I placed together to form an arrow. I completed this several more times to get two more arrows of the same size.

I headed home and sanded all of my pieces down with my electric palm sander. I used wood glue along where the two boards met and used my staple gun on the back. I also used clamps while the glue dried.

I made two smaller arrows as well with leftover pieces.

I made two smaller arrows as well with leftover pieces.

Now I was ready to stain and paint. I applied Minwax dark walnut to two of the arrows and Mixwax classic grey to the other. I applied my stain with cloths and wiped off the excess. I planned to paint the two of the arrows but wanted the stain to show through once distressed. I let these dry overnight and then applied two coats of Country Chic chalk paint in 'Fresh Mustard" to one arrow and Behr ultra white semi gloss I had on hand to the other. This was my first time using Country Chic chalk paint and it was a free sample I got for simply "Liking" their Facebook page. I picked it up from New Vintage Chic, a retailer in Lambeth, ON along with a small sample of 'Hurricane' that the owner kindly gave me. I loved the quaint shop and will definitely be back!

Once my paint was dry, I used 80 grit sandpaper to distress both arrows heavily, allowing the dark walnut to show through. I attached small brackets to the backs of each of the arrows in order to hang them and that's it!!

I had the wood, stain and paint on hand as well as the materials used to attach and hang them so this was a free project that didn't take much time to complete. Can't beat that :) I am already thinking of making a few more to hang above the bed in the spare bedroom. Stay tuned!

Jess xx