Bringing Home Poppy + DIY Dog Bed

Some exciting news at our house-- we brought home our puppy last week!! Meet Poppy, our 10 week old cockapoo (cocker spaniel + poodle)


We are beyond excited and soooo in love with her!! DIY and home projects have definitely taken a back seat to the new addition to our household. That being said, I wanted to share a DIY project I completed before Poppy's arrival. I stated picking up items for her to make her feel comfy at her new home- crate, dog bed, blankets, bowls, chew toys, etc. I decided to make a bed for inside of her crate which is what I am sharing with you today.

I purchased two blankets from Dollarama for my material and spent a whopping $4. I laid one blanket on the floor, pattern down and the second on top of it with the pattern facing up.

I used my fabric scissors to cut little tassels around the edges of the blankets. Pull the blankets taut ever once in awhile to ensure the edges are still lined up.

Once all of the tasssles are cut, tie the two pieces into a knot to fasten the edges together.

Sorry for the bad lighting!

Sorry for the bad lighting!

I left one of the ends untied so that I could insert my stuffing from a spare pillow. Once filled, tie the remaining tassels.

Don't mind the lumpy appearance, since it is going in the crate it doesn't have to look perfect.

Simply untie the tassels and remove the stuffing to wash the fabric if any puppy accidents occur :). My little Poppy likes to chew on the tassels which we are trying to discourage.

In total, I spent $4 and about a half an hour cutting and tying. And, I think she likes it :)

Jess xx

DIY Spring Wreath

I pulled my patio furniture out of storage a few weeks ago and I am so excited for some warmer weather to start enjoying it! I decided to give my front porch a touch of spring by making my own wreath for the front door. Typically I don't love the wreaths I see in stores and am not willing to pay $50 or more for one from Etsy or elsewhere. Sorry Etsy designers!

I purchased a plain wreath from Walmart, ribbon from Michaels and used 4 faux hydrangeas I had one hand from Dollarama a few years ago :) Faux flowers from the dollar store can be hit or miss. I have gone in many times hoping to find something that doesn't look totally cheap and not been successful. Other times, they have a good selection. Walmart and Michaels are also great for affordable faux flowers. The key is to buy several to create a bunch that fills any noticeable gaps.

I cut the stems off of the hydrangeas and attached them to my wreath using my glue gun. I made a simple bow using my striped ribbon and attached it with a bit of twine. I thought about adding our house numbers or initial to the wreath but kept it simple. I hung I on my front door using a command hook and adjusted it as needed.

Since wreaths can easily scratch and damage front doors when they are blown around in the wind, I sometimes put burlap or dabs of hot glue on the back to keep it from scratching. Unfortunately, my Christmas wreath did some damage to the door already. I intend on touching up the paint and didn't bother putting anything on the back of this wreath.

And that's all it takes! Easy peasy front door décor!

Jess xx

Shiplap Bathroom Makeover

I am so excited to finally share my bathroom makeover with you!!

This project began a few weeks ago when we painted our kitchen and spare room. I had leftover paint from this and decided to use it to freshen up our upstairs bath. I figured this would be an easy afternoon project. HA!

Here is what it looked like before;

I went to work prepping the walls and filling numerous holes. I thought I had done a good job patching, sanding and painting BUT I was sadly mistaken. Some of the holes were still visible and some of the paint did not adhere properly despite having a built in primer. At this point, I was frustrated that my simple paint job had not worked out.  Rather than continuing to patch, sand, prime, paint, etc, I decided to try something I had been dying to do--SHIPLAP!!

It is everywhere these days thanks to Joanna Gaines & 'Fixer Upper'. I love the modern farmhouse look and decided to try it. I read a ton of tutorials on DIY faux shiplap as real shiplap using tongue and groove boards is much more expensive so I decided to go the cheaper route.

You can find my full shiplap tutorial here.

I replaced the wood toilet lid with a white one.

I replaced the wood toilet lid with a white one.

This space is still in need of something so I have some plans for an industrial style shelf

This space is still in need of something so I have some plans for an industrial style shelf

 I decided to remove the frame from the builder's mirror as well as the Hollywood light fixture. I made plans to reframe the mirror and purchased a new light on sale at Lowe's which I installed myself!!!!! Impressive, right :)

You can find my tutorial on how to frame a builder's mirror here

Once the shiplap, new light fixture and frame for the mirror were all hung, I completed some paint touch ups to the walls and trim and hung some art. I still have some finishing touches to complete- I want to add a shelf above the toilet and need to hang a towel bar.

I am so happy with how it all turned out! Eventually we plan on replacing the vanity, flooring, tub and tile surround but this was not in the budget. Actually none of this was as it started out as a simple paint job using leftovers :)

This was my first shiplap project and it won't be my last!! Stay tuned.

Jess xx