DIY Twine Easter Eggs + Carrot

Back in December, I hosted a couple of Christmas wreath workshops at my local library. My friend Erin, the librarian kindly asked me to return to do an Easter craft. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found tons of idea, ultimately choosing rustic twine Easter eggs paired with a carrot. When I host these craft nights at the library, we try to keep cost in mind for people to attend. I was able to get all of my supplies from the dollar store therefore the cost was only $5 per person.

To make the eggs, I picked up a package of foam eggs in two different sizes from the dollar store. Initially, I started by covering the egg in mod podge using a small artist's paint brush and started wrapping my twine from the middle. I found that the mod podge made a mess and the twine was not adhering properly. I got my glue gun out and started from the end which worked much better you just have to be careful not to constantly burn the tips of your fingers. I wrapped the twine tightly adding a dot of glue every so often and also trying to make sure there wasn'twhite showing through.  I made 3 eggs, 2 larger and 1 medium. For the craft night at the library, I wasn't able to find enough of the foam eggs for the entire group so I used large plastic eggs that open at the middle, which also worked just fine!

For my carrot, I used a few stems of faux greenery from the dollar store. I taped the greenery pieces together for my steam and then used newspaper to create my carrot form. I wrapped the paper around and crumpled it until it started to resemble a carrot, then I wrapped it in twine. I loved the look of it in the natural twine colour but because I was using it as an example for the library craft, I decided to paint it orange.

I also grabbed a little wire basket from the dollar store and green craft grass. I displayed my eggs and carrot atop the grass and added a bow using leftover ribbon from last year's Spring wreath.

This is a really easy and inexpensive craft and perfect for Easter + Spring!! The ladies that came to the craft night loved it and were excited to go out and get their own baskets to display their new Easter décor. You don' have to style it in a basket, this would be great as an addition to your tablescape or as shelf decor. I made a second set of eggs as well as another carrot at the craft night that I plan to style differently or possibly give as a hostess gift at Easter next weekend :)

Jess xx