$5 Entryway Bench

Recently our friends had a moving sale and I scored this awesome little bench for $5!! I also grabbed a few wall hangings and an beautiful hurricane vase for $2. I love garage/moving sales!!

Once I got my new/used bench home, I decided to freshen it up to use for my entryway. I removed the seat and painted the wood legs using Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White. I applied two coats and then sanded the entire piece using 120 grit sandpaper, specifically on the corners and edges to distress it.

For the seat, I decided not to take the time to remove the floral fabric that was already on it. I used leftover batting and the canvas drop cloth from my headboard project to recover the seat. I cut the batting and fabric to size, leaving additional material on each side and secured to the seat using my staple gun. I reattached the seat to the legs and added a few nail heads I had on hand to the corners to add some detail.  

This project was incredibly easy and took very little time to complete. The longest part was lierally waiting for the paint to dry :). I had all of the materials on hand so it only cost me the $5 I spent at the moving sale.

I picked up the galvanized metal bucket from Walmart to use for shoe storage and styled the bench with a few throw pillows and a pumpkin, of course.

 I have been working on updating our entire main floor including our entry way and I will be posting the details soon. The entry way has been painted along with the rest of the main floor and next up is a shiplap accent wall! Looking forward to sharing the details soon!

Jess xx



DIY Farmhouse Signs

This week I have been working afternoons so I have been home in the mornings which is a great break from the usual Monday to Friday grind. I have enjoyed time at home with Poppy, morning coffee in the backyard sun and completing some DIY projects.

I was given an old window from a friend a while back and have been trying to figure out what I wanted do with it. This week I finally decided to clean it up and make my own farmhouse inspired sign.


I wiped it down with a damp cloth and sanded off some of the old paint. I applied a coat of white chalk paint and distressed the edges slightly.

Initially I was going to use a stencil and paint the letters but decided it was going to be challenging stenciling on glass. I had picked up some sticky letters from Walmart and used these instead to spell "MARKET".


I added gold screw eyes to the top of the frame and rope from the dollar store to hang it from.

I hung my new sign in the hallway of my kitchen so its a bit of a funny place to take photos :)

I hung my new sign in the hallway of my kitchen so its a bit of a funny place to take photos :)

For my 2nd sign, I used a short piece of plywood leftover from my shiplap wall. I painted it using the same white chalk paint and printed the letters "LAKE" using the font Modern No. 20.

I cut out the letters to use as a stencil and positioned them on the board. Using a ruler and pen, I sketched the edges of the letters applying pressure to create the outline underneath. The straight edges of the letters allowed me to use painters tape to make stenciling easier.

I used a small paint brush to apply Behr Liquid Mercury leftover from my bathroom vanity makeover.  

Once dry, I sanded the entire board to give it a weathered look. I didn't use the sticky letters for this sign so that I could distress them. 

This piece would fit well in my cottage-y spare room but I plan to put it in the bathroom. If I ever get around to making the industrial style shelf I have mentioned before, it will sit on top of it.

I am so happy with my new signs and plan to make many more for the house and holidays :)

Jess xx

Chalk Paint Kitchen Makeover + How to Paint Tile

My new year's resolution in 2015 was to update our kitchen. We had lived with dated oak cabinets and stained laminate counter tops for a few years and decided it was time for a facelift!

Our kitchen is small and lacking counter space and we were not prepared for a full blown renovation. The cabinets were in great shape and we liked the look of them, so we decided to paint and update the hardware. Given my love of chalk paint, it seemed like an easy choice. I spent a lot of time looking at tutorials on kitchen cabinets painted with chalk paint as it is a high traffic area that needs to be durable and easy to clean. I also looked up how to paint ceramic tile to update our backsplash –see ya later decorative tiles!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any 'BEFORE' shots before the doors and drawer fronts were removed. If you look past the lovely ladies in this photos you can get an idea what the cabinets looked like;

New Year's 2013!!

New Year's 2013!!

Here you can see the beautiful backsplash with burgundy flower tiles and the plain-jane laminate countertop.

Here you can see the beautiful backsplash with burgundy flower tiles and the plain-jane laminate countertop.

I wiped everything down well using a bit of TSP to remove any grease. Chalk paint essentially covers anything and everything therefore there is not much prep (hence why I love chalk paint!).  I chose Annie Sloan Plain White for the upper doors and French Linen for the drawers and lower doors. I painted the upper cabinets-without the doors first. I did not paint the interiors as they are already white-ish.

For the backsplash.  I used TSP to clean and degrease the tile. I let the tile and grout dry and applied Zinnser Bullseye Primer using a foam roller and paint brush for the grout.  Once the primer dried, I painted 2 coats of Behr Alkyd Semi Gloss Enamel Paint. Oil-base paint is recommended for tile and this paint has the durability of a traditional oil-base paint but the ease of a water-base + less odor. The decorative tiles are slightly raised in detail but once they were white, you barely noticed.

I am so happy with how bright and modern this looks. Almost like subway tile, right? :)

Next, I painted the cabinet doors and drawers. This was the most time consuming part of this project despite it being a small kitchen. I will admit, that after the first coat of French Linen, I was slightly horrified with how green it looked. I began to panic but felt better as it dried. 

It may not look green to you, but it did to me!!

It may not look green to you, but it did to me!!

 For the hardware I kept cost in mind, choosing a simple brushed nickel pull for all of the doors and a classic metal pull for the drawers.

Once all the doors and drawers were painted front and back, I started re-attaching the hinges and the new hardware. I was hosting my family that weekend and got a bit too excited to get everything re-hung. I decided to forgo sealing the cupboards right away, figuring I would get to it later.

Well, it took me a year to come back and complete it! A little advice-- DON'T SKIP THIS STEP!! I had to touch up most of the cabinets prior to sealing them because of my procrastination. I also sanded all of the surfaces lightly to remove any bumps and brush strokes before sealing.  I used a clear polyurethane meant for floors to seal the cabinets instead of clear wax as poly is much more durable and easier to wipe up any spills or scuffs.


We waited a few weeks after painting before replacing the counter top (cost, time, laziness, etc). We measured the counter top and headed to Home Depot again. I love the look of Calcutta marble but knew I wasn’t going to pay for the higher end laminate because after all, it is laminate. After a few headaches with a sales associate, we ordered our custom counter top. We did not pay to have it installed as TK is very handy. When we picked it up, my heart sunk! The simple grey detail of the laminate appeared much more patterned than I was expecting and was screaming GREEN under the florescent light! What is it with the grey becoming green in this project?!? Once we got it home and next to the paint, I felt much better! Tk surprised me by recruiting some family and friends to help install it one weekend while I was working :) I think it complements the cupboards well and we couldn’t beat the price!

We kept our existing sink and replaced the faucet with one I found on sale at Lowe's. I was looking for something inexpensive and functional that went with the space. If you are are having trouble finding a faucet for your space and would appreciate helpful reviews and information prior to purchasing, check out https://www.reviews.com/kitchen-faucets/. Reviews.com provides useful, well written and trustworthy reviews on a variety of products. They do the research for you and provide honest feedback and suggestions. Their resource for kitchen faucets is incredibly helpful for anyone in the midst of a home reno that doesn’t have time to research another product. 

I made the roman blind for the window (will be posting a tutorial) and replaced the florescent light above the sink with a simple pendant.

I decided to get rid of the beige walls throughout the house and started with the kitchen. We used Behr Dolphin Fin which has a slight blue undertone to it in some lights, but overall I am happy with how it compliments the darker grey and bright white cabinets.

Before & After

Before & After

Pantry Before

Pantry Before

Pantry after

Pantry after

More recently, we were able to update some of our appliances (still waiting on a new fridge) and I also decided to paint our laminate flooring. 


I love finding ways to make changes within our budget and I stay busy day dreaming about my next projects :)

Jess xx