DIY Blanket Ladder

So, I may have claimed that I was not going to be doing any home or DIY projects that weren't wedding related BUT I lied! I have been having a ton of fun with my family getting ready for my sister's wedding. We have done a lot of different DIY projects and décor that I am thrilled about but I still had the urge to complete something for my house.

The space beside my window was looking a bit empty and I knew I didn't want to hang anything here. So I decided to make a blanket ladder. I looked at a few different tutorials on as I noticed a lot of variations of wood and sizes. I decided to use 2x2x8s which are basically the cheapest wood you can find at the hardware store. I grabbed two of these and figured out my dimensions.

I cut two 5ft pieces for my sides and then the remaining wood, I cut into 18inch pieces for the rungs. I used my dad's miter saw and made sure to measure twice, cut once and compare the pieces to one another after each cut.


I decided to place the rungs 12 inches apart, starting 6 inches down from the top and leaving 18 inches at the bottom. I had 2 inch wood screws on hand and was worried they weren't going to be quite long enough but didn't want to wait to go back to the hardware store the next day. TK suggested counter sinking the screws and helped out with this part (sorry, I didn't take pictures). We predrilled holes for the screws and then used a larger bit to screw larger holes just a few centimeters into our wood so that the screw was counter sunk rather than flush with the edge. This allowed the screw more room to grab onto the rung. We lined up the rungs with the screws and attached. They aren't totally perfect but I am fine with that!!

I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain and applied with a bristle brush, wiping off the excess with a cloth. I attached non slip furniture pads to the bottoms and small pieces of felt to the tops so that it doesn't scuff up the wall.

I stained the circular piece of wood at the same time for another project.

I stained the circular piece of wood at the same time for another project.

I grabbed a couple of my favourite blankets to hang and that's it! It took less than an hour to make and the best part is it only cost about $5. I had stain and screws on hand, so it was just the cost of the 2x2s. If you had to buy screws and stain it would still only cost $20 with lots of leftover materials for your next project!


I am super happy with the look and it is functional!  I am already wanting to make another one with a slightly different look using dowels for the rungs. Stay tuned!

Jess xx