Hello friends! As I approach 39 weeks I figured it was time to share my third trimester update. I did have a bit of a surprise at my 35 week appointment when my blood pressure was elevated so my OB has been keeping an eye on that with some additional monitoring and tests but everything has looked good for our baby girl. Despite that, my OB has decided to go ahead and induce me on a Monday at 39 weeks to be on the safe side. While it freaked me out when we started talking about induction at 36 weeks, now that I am just over a week away from my due date I am thrilled we are so close to meeting our babe and the fact that it’s scheduled is an added bonus! The planner in me is so happy to not have to deal with the anticipation of when will she come?!

My last day of work was June 27th so I have enjoyed a few weeks of vacation, summer weather and puttering away at the last few tasks on my to do list. It’s really interesting how pregnancy can seem so long and so short all at the same time! I have to admit I am feeling the timing is pretty perfect and that we are as ready as we can be to bring our girl home !! (Remind me that I said this in a few weeks :) )

How far along: 39 weeks

Gender: GIRL !!

Weight gain: 24lbs

Maternity clothes: Loving maxi dresses! I purchased a few non maternity dresses in a size up which have worked perfectly. I’m also getting lots of use out of a maxi dress and skirt from last summer as well as a few cotton dresses. Still rocking my maternity tights with a tank or tee a lot of the time. I have pretty much dropped the maternity jeans due to the heat and wishing I snagged a pair of maternity shorts but I’m too close to the end to get them now :)

Sleep: Sleeping better now that I am off work and not worried about getting up for an alarm. I am still up a few times a night for the bathroom (which I am so accustomed to it’s hard to imagine sleeping through the night) and sometimes have an hour awake period around 2-3am. I’ve also started laying down for 30mins to an hour in the afternoon since being off. Taking advantage of getting good sleep now!! I’ve also ditched my pregnancy pillow now that I’m bigger as I found it restricted my movement too much and made getting in and out of bed even harder. Back to a pillow between my legs and side sleeping.

Best moment so far: 36 week ultrasound, it had been so long since our last ultrasound at 20 weeks. So much has changed and I had tears in my eyes thinking how close we are to seeing her squishy face and holding her! It was amazing the detail we could see in her face and the tech said she has mama’s nose and lips and a good amount of hair! I can’t wait to see what she looks like and what colour her hair is.


Miss anything: I can confidently say I have had a great pregnancy and have not really struggled with missing things but now being so close to the end, I know I won’t miss the restrictions that come with pregnancy. Not having a glass of wine or 2nd cup of coffee, avoiding certain foods, always having to pee, feeling short of breath, limited clothing options, heartburn, swelling, etc. That being said, I have loved having a bump, feel adorable wearing cute clothes that show it off and more confident in a bikini than before. I will miss definitely miss that! I will also miss how accommodating everyone is to a pregnant lady! and this pregnant lady is very excited to enjoy a cocktail soon!!

Movement: baby girl is pretty chill for the most part but she definitely lets me know she’s there and is starting to run out of room. I can feel her up under my ribs especially towards the end of the day or after a big meal. She’s more of a mover and wiggler than kicker so I often feel her back and bum when she’s stretching out and changing positions. It’s been so hard to capture on video. She also gets hiccups pretty often which is a bizarre feeling. I’ve also started experiencing “lightening crotch” which takes me by surprise and usually causes me to shout out in pain but thankfully it’s just the brief jolt of pain and hopefully means she’s getting into position for her grand entrance into the world :)

Cravings: still loving ice cream at night or some sort of sweet treat! Loving fresh summer fruits like peaches and watermelon and foods with lots of texture and crunch. I have felt like my appetite has decreased a bit lately likely due to baby taking up more room so I feel pretty uncomfortable if I eat too much.

Food aversions; still eggs- I don’t mind hard boiled or egg salad.

Queasy or sick:  Occasional heartburn that is pretty easily managed. Again, I have been SO fortunate to have had a very smooth and enjoyable pregnancy! I am definitely slowing down and trying to relax more with my feet up as I can tell when I have overdone it. Also given that my BP has been elevated, I am trying to avoid anything too strenuous but still being active as I get stuff/sore when I’m not. Love going for walks and just getting things done around the yard and house feels productive physically and mentally.

Looking forward to: meeting our baby girl, seeing what she looks like, knowing what labour is really like, being a mama, bringing our babe home, and the list goes on!! Can’t believe we are so so close!!!!! AAAAHHHH so excited :)

maternity photos by Jenn Eggleston photography


-Jess, xx