2nd Trimester Update

I can’t believe I am already sharing my second trimester update!! This pregnancy is seriously flying by and I cannot believe I am in my third and final trimester. I have been so incredibly lucky to have felt great the entire time (sorry to all my girlfriends who have not had this experience!!) With time passing as quickly as it has, thankfully we have also managed to get a ton done in preparing to welcome our little one into the world. We found out the gender at our 20 week ultrasound on March 8th and although we were pretty dang certain we knew what we were having, it was amazing to confirm that we are indeed having a BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Both of our parents were away on vacation and my siblings don’t live close by so we had our close friends over for dinner at our house to do a mini gender reveal. I made cupcakes filled with pink icing to share the news (and didn’t take any photos-d’oh). No one was surprised as everyone guessed we were having a girl!
That weekend I headed to Lowe’s and picked up paint for the nursery and we got the ball rolling right away! I already had ideas for a girl nursery pretty well locked down, just needed the confirmation from our ultrasound. I chose Behr Illuminated for the walls which is a beautiful pale, blush pink (I will do an entire post on all the details of the nursery). We painted, replaced the flooring, added a board and batten accent wall and started setting up the furniture we purchased on sale over the winter. Although it seemed really early to have purchased a crib and stroller back in November, I am so happy we took advantage of sales when we saw them which has helped us out huge financially to have spaced out these bigger purchases. I’m also so happy we were able to get all of the major work and renovations done during the cold weather months when we don’t have much else going on. We are so thrilled with how the nursery came together. It still needs a few finishing touches decor wise and I will share once it is complete!!

Our wedding photographer is a friend of mine and she is the absolute best and gifted us a maternity photo session. I am so excited for this to happen in May and can’t wait for her to capture the nursery and all the details of our babe’s sweet room to share with you. I have also been fortunate enough to receive a TON of hand me down clothes from friends of mine with baby girls so our little one has a seriously awesome wardrobe already. I have two baby showers coming up in May and June which I am so excited for but we really don’t need much as we have been so lucky to inherit lots of amazing items. I am a planner and organizer so having all of these things early is so helpful for me to feel prepared as the nesting urge is super strong! I have been cleaning, purging and organizing most spaces in our home and trying to check off items on the to do list and complete projects while I can.

So that’s what we have been up to the past 3 months!! Below I shared some more details from this trimester :)

How far along: 28 weeks

Gender: GIRL !!

Weight gain: 16lbs

Maternity clothes: Tights are still my go to clothing choice, typically paired with a long t-shirt or tank and a cardigan. I recently bought the Fabletics maternity tights and they are AMAZING!! I wish I could have gotten two pairs but they were out of stock so I got a regular pair for postpartum and they were on special for 2 for $36! I have some maternity jeans and a few of my oversize tops and sweaters that still fit but the days might be limited. I bought a pair of white maternity jeans as these are a staple for spring and summer. I am so excited for warmer temperatures so that I can start wearing more dresses and skirts. I have a few I have been paired with nylons and booties but am looking forward to breaking out more t shirt and maxi dresses. My favourite places to shop have been Old Navy, Urban Planet and Amazon. For the most part, I am still shopping in the regular section and just sizing up with the exception of pants, these are all maternity! I am so happy to be getting bigger in the warmer weather months where I can slip into flats or sandals and don’t have to worry about zipping up a coat!

Sleep: Still sleeping well but up 2-4 times to pee. Just preparing for those night feedings :) I have started using my maternity pillow and it is the best!! I found I was waking up on my back (strange since I wasn’t a back sleeper to start) and this provides lots of support and sort of cradles me which I love!

Best moment so far: Finding out we are having a girl at our 20 week ultrasound, feeling her kick, flip and move around and creating a beautiful space just for her !

Miss anything: less frequent trips to the bathroom? Just kidding, if this is my biggest complaint at 28 weeks I would say I am managing well :) Still not missing alcohol like I thought I would because not being hungover is pretty awesome lol But I will be VERY excited for a real cocktail and wine once our babe is here this summer!

Movement: Lots of kicks, wiggles and flips! I wasn’t sure how much I would feel after our 20 week US as I have an anterior placenta which means it’s at the front of my uterus/tummy and acts as a cushion to baby so you sometimes can’t feel as much. But I feel lots of movement and although baby’s placement typically feels quite low (like right on my bladder, all the time!)  I have started feeling more up in my ribs and along my sides. It is the strangest/best feeling! I especially love when she wakes up when I start to move around in the morning :)

Cravings: Still loving sweets in the morning- fruit, smoothies, yogurt, syrup, jam, cereal, etc. Also loving frozen yogurt and fresh fruit for dessert and I continue to treat myself to a good chicken or beef burger and fries on a regular basis :)

Food aversions; still eggs- YUCK! but that is it.

Queasy or sick: I have been so incredibly lucky to not feel sick or nauseous at all. I even avoided winter cold/flu season for the most part! This has allowed me to absolutely love being pregnant and the time is passing so quickly!! I have started getting some mild heartburn around 5pm but this typically goes away when I eat dinner (and maybe take some tums). I’ve been getting regular massage and chiropractor adjustments which has also been helpful in dealing with some new pains and aches. I am starting to feel a bit more winded and have to remind myself to slow down sometimes. I anticipate starting to feel more and more uncomfortable as babe and I continue to grow and we get closer to our due date. I am really lucky to be taking vacation prior to my mat leave so I can relax the last few weeks of this pregnancy!

Looking forward to: Meeting our sweet girl in less than 3 months !!!!

-Jess xx

Photo at 20 weeks, just before our ultrasound confirming we are having a girl :) 

Photo at 20 weeks, just before our ultrasound confirming we are having a girl :)