We're having a BABY !!

Well it’s been over 6 months since my last blog post and a lot has happened during that time. We were married October 13, 2018 and it was THE BEST DAY !! Full post to come on our wedding details and decor once I have my professional photos back :) We went on our amazing two week honeymoon to France, Monoco and Italy and I will share another post sometime including photos of our trip. Following our wedding and honeymoon things were busy as I went through and organized wedding decor to advertise and sell, get ready for Christmas and celebrate the holidays. But most exciting of all…..on November 14th, 2018 we found out, we are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to be able to share our news that we are expecting a little one July 23, 2019 ! We announced on social media on January 25th for my husband’s 30th birthday.


We have had two ultrasounds so far, a dating ultrasound at 9 weeks which confirmed that there is in fact a little peanut with a heartbeat in there. Our second ultrasound at 13 weeks we got to see our little one looking a lot more like a baby. It was so wild to see Baby K squirm and wiggle, kick their arms and legs and flip over AHH so surreal and just the best seeing our little one. We cannot wait for our next ultrasound at 20 weeks when we get to find out gender :) And then comes the fun part of decorating the nursery!! Can’t wait to share all of (my) our plans.

9 weeks

9 weeks

13 weeks

13 weeks

I wanted to include details of our experience of planning to try and finding out we are pregnant, not only to share with you but also for me to document and keep track of (seriously, baby brain is a thing already). I wanted to start by saying that this has been my journey so far and I understand that it may differ from lots of other mamas’ but I am simply sharing for those that want to hear :)

So here it is, personal details and all ;

Last spring I went to my family doctor to talk about family planning knowing that we wanted to try right away once we were married. We had no expectations but knowing that it could take up to a year, we didn’t want to delay it. I asked about planning to go off birth control after having been on it for 10+ years and was encouraged to go off approx 3 months prior to intending to “try”. My current pills were scheduled to end in August about two months before our wedding so that’s when I went off. Come August, I didn’t renew my prescription like most months and started taking a prenatal vitamin. I downloaded the app “Glow” to begin tracking my period and ovulation. I was very fortunate to have my cycle return immediately (again I recognize that this is not always the case and was very fortunate for this to be my experience). I had some people ask why we weren’t just trying as soon as I was off the pill but I wanted to enjoy cocktails at my September bachelorette weekend in Chicago, as well as my wedding and honeymoon. I couldn’t go to France and Italy and not enjoy the wine, right?!

So the first time I would be ovulating after the wedding was while we were in Italy. I continued to use my app and made a mental note of the date but we were in Italy, on our honeymoon so things were going to happen regardless of ovulation :)

We had an amazing, relaxing honeymoon filled with travel and wine and the best food! We arrived home on October 31st and I was super sick with a cold for the first few days.  I actually thought to myself upon returning home “I will be totally cool if we don’t get pregnant until the new year” as we had a few out of town weekends and the holidays coming up. The following week, I was back to work and I still felt under the weather but was now feeling a bit sick to my stomach rather than cold symptoms. I brushed it off thinking “even if I am pregnant, you don’t feel nauseous this early”. My husband kept saying things like “you’re probably pregnant” and “it’s that baby making you sick” every time I referenced it. Everything I read said that I would test negative at this point either way so I tried my best to avoid buying any tests. Then I caved and bought a few of the cheapos at the dollar store. I took my first test on Nov 9, 13 days after ovulating and it was a negative. No big deal as it was what I was expecting. And with a negative pregnancy test, I enjoyed some wine with friends that weekend. My period was expected on the 11th and didn’t show up. The following day I had some light spotting which I thought might be the start of my period. I talked to a friend who was pregnant who had spotted for a few days prior to a positive test. The next night I took another cheapo test and tossed in the garbage before the time was up as it showed an initial negative (which I now realize is actually just the control line). I had ordered a few first response early detection tests and read that you should take the test first thing in the morning. So the morning of Nov 14th, I woke up early to get ready for work and decided to take a test, again with expectations that it would be negative like the last two. I had my shower and when I got out, I saw a faint second line staring back at me. I smiled to myself in the mirror in disbelief, did a little happy dance and went downstairs to tell my husband. He was still in bed but awake, and I told him “I just took a positive pregnancy test” to which he replied “told you you were pregnant”. We kissed and cuddled our dog for a few minutes in bed before I returned to getting ready for work, all the while thinking “holy shit I’m pregnant and now I have to carry on like nothing is up!”. Despite wishing for this, I did not think that we would be lucky enough to get pregnant so quickly. Thanking our lucky stars for this !! I took three more tests over the next two days following the initial positive to confirm as I was still in disbelief.


Keeping it to ourselves only lasted a matter of days. Yes I know, you’re “supposed” to wait BLAH BLAH BLAH. But seriously, how can you not tell people when you are so excited?! I understood that anyone I told, I would also have to share the news with them if anything unfortunate happened and that was fine. We told my sister and my mom right away. I gave both of the grammas a baby blanket and card from Baby K asking them to keep the blanket safe and warm for when they come to snuggle. My mom always says “love you to the moon and back” so I was so thrilled to find this onesie to give to her with the blanket



We also told our close friends that live on our street and would know what was up if I wasn’t drinking. We waited for my husband’s parents to be home from Florida before sharing with them and the remainder of our family at Christmas which was so much fun being able to celebrate such exciting news around the holidays. We also shared with friends on New Years Eve. Again no drinking = big give away and I didn’t really care too much to pretend or fake drinking. Although I have found some great non alcoholic beers and wines!
My first trimester was actually great, I was so lucky to not be sick, just tired :) I am officially into my second trimester and have some serious nesting happening, with projects on the go and lists of projects and things to do while I am still able to and before summer is here.

One of my favourite bloggers Jessica Garvin shared updates on her pregnancy which I loved reading and inspired me to share my own experience as I am sure I will soon forget;

How far along: 17 weeks

Gender: unknown until the beginning of March :)

Weight gain: 4lbs

Maternity clothes: tights and over sized sweaters are a staple for me in the winter but have been a wardrobe favourite now more than ever. I said goodbye to my normal jeans and pants with a button and zipper a few weeks ago as I can’t stand the feeling and pressure on my stomach especially when sitting down. I was super fortunate to receive a basket FULL of maternity jeans, tights and clothes from girlfriends and bought my first pair of maternity pants recently. Loving sweater dresses and high waisted nylons for work 

Sleep: sleeping well but up several times a night already to pee and often have “awake time” from 3am-4am. My husband jokes that this is preparing me for being up in the night with the babe, I am also always freezing going to bed and require layers in order to get to sleep and peel them off throughout the night. Also. need a pillow for in between my legs. Haven’t started using my maternity pillow yet.

Best moment so far: our 13 week ultrasound, seeing our babe wiggle and squirm :)

Miss anything: Not really. I actually thought I would miss wine more but I am loving weekends without hangovers. I thought the holidays might be tough but made it through just fine, indulging more in food :) I suspect I might miss booze once we hit summer patio season but I will enjoy my non-alcoholic beers and virgin cocktails until baby K’s arrival.

Movement: Lots of movement at our ultrasound but none that I can feel yet 

Cravings: Loving sweets in the morning- fruit, smoothies,  yogurt, syrup, jam, cereal. Usually, I am savoury/salty over sweet l but I actually ordered french toast when out for breakfast and have been making waffles and pancakes at home.. Also, a bowl of cereal or yogurt and granola with fruit before bed- I never used to eat after dinner. And a cheeseburger and fries once a week :)

Food aversions; Eggs- YUCK! The smell of meat cooking also isn’t my fav 

Queasy or sick: No, I have been super lucky that I haven’t had any morning sickness. I did have a bit of what felt like motion sickness on about 3 occasions that were very short lived. Struggled a bit with feeling dizzy and light headed. My only negative symptom has been the hormones - holy emotional roller coaster!!

Looking forward to: Finding out gender and planning the nursery decor!!

We are soooo excited for what the coming months have in store and even more excited for summer with our babe!! Stay tuned for more updates on our adventure :)

-Jess xx