DIY Picture Ledges

Hello friends and happy FALL !! Today's post is not about my favourite season although I do hope to post one soon! Today I'm talking about the rustic picture ledges I made for our living room. By the end of summer I start to get bored with my interior decor so I always look forward to the change in season to change up my decor and colours. I have been staring at this wall and wasn't loving the simplicity of just having a print hung here so I decided to add picture ledges. I considered a gallery wall but these picture ledges provide more flexibility with changing frames and the arrangement without having to put additional holes in the wall. And the best part about them? I made them for FREE!! We recently replaced our roof and had a bunch of leftover 1x3s used for strapping. Although I could have purchased new wood for about $7 which is very affordable, my handy and frugal fiancée suggested using the existing wood.

The plans I used from My Divine Home called for a 1x4x8, a 1x3x8 and a 1x2x8. I used a 1x3x8 instead of the 1x4x8 and had Tk trim a 1x3 down to 1x2. We also cut the length of each piece down to 42 inches. Once we were done cutting, I had (4) 1x3x42 Inches and (2) 1x2x42inches. Each shelf requires (2) of the 1x3s and (1) of the 1x2s. I used liquid nails and our brad nailer to assemble the shelves. I didn't take photos while I was assembling but you can find a more detailed tutorial here.

Once my shelves were assembled I stained them using my favourite Minwax Dark Walnut. I knew I wanted a rustic, distressed look so I applied two coats of flat white paint on top of the stain. I then sanded the shelves heavily by hand using 100 grit sandpaper. I had TK help me hang them to ensure they were level and used 2 inch wood screws, drilling into the stud. 

I have lots of frames kicking around but decided to grab a few new ones from Homesense using a gift card as well as the square black frame from Walmart. I framed some free printables as well as pictures and was ready to style the shelves.  


I am so happy with how these picture ledges turned out and love the interest that it brings to this wall. I am excited to change out the printables for holidays and seasons, frame engagement and wedding photos and eventually baby pictures :):):).  

Jess xx