Laundry Room Makeover Part 3- The Finishing Details

HELLO friends. I am SO EXCITED to tell you that my laundry room is FINALLY DONE!!! It was starting to feel like I might not ever be able to say these words. This room makeover started off strong and I was keeping up a good pace and making lots of progress. I posted part 1 and 2 of the process which detailed the demo, prep and painting of the room but it has taken me almost two months to finish the room and share the final details. But I am so happy to finally share as I am thrilled with how it turned out! 

You can read about part 1:  demo + prep here and part 2: paint details here. Part 3 or this makeover was really the most fun! It was the finishing touches and styling of the space that brought everything together which is always the best part.  

I re-hung the trim, made and hung open shelving and gave a few pieces of furniture a facelift. 

I hummed and hawed for quite awhile on what to do for shelving above the washer and dryer. I wanted something that would look good but also be sturdy for storage and not cost an arm and a leg. I decided to use Everbilt shelf brackets from a Home Depot as they are sturdy and came in black which saved me from spray painting. I also used some 4inch corner braces for added stability. For the shelving, I bought a 1x12x8 whitewood laminated panel for the bottom shelf and a 1x10x4 pine board. I used 12x14 brackets for the bottom and 10x12 for the top   I cut the 1x12 board down to 6ft and the 1x10 down to 3 ft. We have plumbing pipes in the centre of the wall above the laundry tub so I used our jigsaw to notch out a section of the 1x12 board to fit around the pipe. I stained both boards with Minwax Dark Walnut.  I determined where I wanted the shelves hung on the wall and then hung the brackets accordingly, ensuring I was driling into the stud or using drywall anchors. This was a bit tricky to ensure everything would be level so I was surprised that I managed to get everything straight and even since I did this all on my own (yay me!!). I used small screws to secure the boards to the bracket. The biggest challenge of the shelving was ensuring that our heavy dehumidifier could be stored on the shelf and so far it hasn't come crashing down so I think we are good!


I styled the shelves using some decorative pieces from around the house as well as some dollar store finds that fit with the "laundry" theme. I am so happy with the look of the shelves and I know I will continue to enjoy styling them. 


I had my old IKEA desk sitting in the laundry room which typically became a spot for random items to gather. I decided to keep it and repurpose as a folding table. I painted it with my DIY white chalk paint (Plaster of Paris + water + white latex paint). I distressed it and added 1x4s to the top. I stained them using Dark Walnut to tie in with the shelving and attached them using wood glue. I also added a tension rod and some fabric from the dollar store to the front to hide the items underneath. This was a really great and inexpensive way to makeover this piece and I  love the farmhouse feel of it! 


We replaced the laundry tub which was so gross as well as the faucet which I am so happy with! Thanks to my handyman for his plumbing work :) I also added a tension rod and the same dollar store fabric to the front in order to utilize the space underneath for storage that can be hidden.  

This space it a bit tricky to photograph as the only natural light is the door (behind me from this angle) and the overhead light is fluorescent -yuck!!  

This space it a bit tricky to photograph as the only natural light is the door (behind me from this angle) and the overhead light is fluorescent -yuck!!  

My favourite furniture makeover in this room is the storage unit turned bench. We were given this storage unit by friends who were getting rid of it. Unfortunately it also became a spot for random items and junk to reside and the ugly orange laminate had to go. Rather than getting rid of it all together, I decided to cut it down and repurpose it as an entryway bench. We used the jigsaw to cut it down to the size we wanted and I sanded the edges down. Again I used my DIY chalk paint and distressed it and added Dark Walnut stained 1x4s to the top. I found the metal baskets at Walmart for shoe storage and grabbed the pillow covers from the dollar store to update some old pillows for the space. I love that the wood all ties in together along with the white and black accents for a farmhouse inspired look.


The mirror was left by the previous owners above the dryer. I gave it a fresh coat of black and white paint to add to the distressed look. I also hung black coat hooks along the chair rail for storage. The wall art is  inexpensive black frames I had on hand and free online printables. I also made the DIY laundry sign. 


I also grabbed a few decorative floor mats from a Walmart as well as an outdoor rug from the Real canadian superstore shown in the middle. I thought an outdoor rug was perfect for a laundry room/basement entrance.

Again, not a great photo but it shows the view from the other side :)

Again, not a great photo but it shows the view from the other side :)

The majority of the cost for this project was on paint (wall, floor, cabinets, furniture) as well as the materials for the shelving, the new laundry tub and faucet and some decorative items. I tried to be as cost effective as possible when choosing materials because after all, it is a laundry room so I didn't want to spend a fortune. But given that it is a good sized room as well as the entryway from the backyard, I wanted it to get the attention and updates that it deserved. I am so thrilled with the finished look and to say that it is done!! Summer is flying by as always so I plan to spend all of my free time outside so all indoor projects are on hold...for now :) 

Jess xx