DIY Stencilled Kitchen Floor

I am trying my best to catch up on blogging about some projects I already shared already shared on Instagram. Since I completed stencilling my bathroom floor I was fixated on the idea of making over my kitchen floor the same way and I am so happy that I did it!! Our laminate kitchen floor was so so gross! It was dated, stained, chipped and all together horrible! When I made over our kitchen by chalk painting the cabinets and replacing the counter top, we considered replacing the flooring but never did.


Eventually, I would love to replace all of the main floor flooring for a consistent look throughout. Until then, painting the existing laminate gave it the updated look I was going for.  

To start, I swept and vacuumed the floor a few times, then cleaned it using a mop, hot water and TSP. I let it dry and taped off the bottom of the cabinets, appliances and trim and applied Zinsser Bathroom and Kitchen paint + primer. For my bathroom I used Zinsser's Bullseye 1-2-3 primer that I love! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough on hand when I decided to start the kitchen so I went ahead with the paint and primer and it did the trick!! I used a brush around the edges of the room and then applied two coats with an extendable roller. Painting floors is the best because it is so easy! You literally just dump a small amount of paint on the floor and spread it out with your roller. Make sure you don't paint yourself into the corner!


My planning for this project wasn't great so I ended up leaving the floor painted white for a few days. Unfortunately someone walked over it with very dirty feet so I had to sweep and apply another coat of paint before stencilling. My bad for not planning my time better to avoid the additional steps. 

I bought a stencil from Michaels for $8 (originally $16 with a 50% off coupon) that was larger than what I used for my bathroom and had 5 of the designs in the stencil. I used Behr Silver Drop because I had it on hand since it is the wall colour throughout most of my house. The kitchen walls are Dolphin Fin which is one shade darker than Silver Drop on the swatch. I started in the corner, laying my stencil down and securing it with painters tape. I used a small foam roller to apply the Silver Drop. I was amazed by how much easier it was doing a light colour on top of white in comparison to the bold contrast using black and white in my bathroom. Additional details on the stencilling process can be found in my bathroom floor makeover.   

I worked my way throughout the room in approximately 5 hours. I was determined to get it all done at once since I had to work that afternoon so I didn't even take any progress photos!


This is a project that requires patience but it is so so so worth! And because I had all of the supplies on hand except for the stencil, it only cost $8!! You cannot beat that price for a kitchen floor makeover! 

I applied a thin coat of minwax polycrylic with a small foam roller to seal it. I haven't decided on a new rug for in front of the sink yet. I would love a jute one but am having the hardest time finding one. 

I absolutely love the look of my new floors and am so thrilled that it was also such a cost effective project.

The power of paint is unbelievable and has been the key to updating and improving the interior of my home! This can be seen in my last post on my laundry room makeover which was primarily updated with paint. I am almost running out of things to paint... just kidding, I'm sure I will find something else :) 

Jess xx