Life Lately

This post is long overdue as the last few weeks have been incredibly busy so I am excited to get back to some projects and blogging.

We spent 5 fabulous days in Florida over St. Patrick's Day, which went incredibly fast as we were really busy the entire time. We really lucked out in terms of weather and had such an amazing time!!

Unfortunately while we were away, my sweet Gramma B passed away. When we got home from our trip, we had a celebration of life which was beautiful opportunity to remember and share our favourite memories of her.

Following the services, we headed to Buffalo for the night for a Leaf's game. My sister and brother in law got us tickets and a hotel room for Christmas, along with dinner + drinks out. It was such a great night away!

We have been so busy, it felt like we needed a vacation after our vacation just to rest! I am not complaining but I have been happy to be home to get caught up on sleep and things around the house. I am super excited about the projects that I have completed lately and ones I have planned! Spring is giving me lots of motivation to refresh things around my house along with cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. We have had some sunshine and warmer and started to enjoy being outside. Next up  is Easter -- Happy Spring !!

Jess xx