DIY Hanging Shelf

 I have been on a bit of a kick with wood projects lately. Wood is so inexpensive and an easy way to create new décor or add to existing furniture for a new look.

After completing my DIY floating shelves and creating the wood top for my industrial style desk (details coming soon), I had lots of leftover pieces kicking around. I used a piece of 1x4 to create a simple hanging shelf for the spare bedroom.

This is a really easy project and therefore I finished it so quickly I didn't even take pics. It's pretty straight forward just by looking at it and I hope these instructions suffice :)

I took my 1x4 and used my largest size drill bit to drill 4 holes in each of the corners. I sanded the holes and then stained the wood using Minwax Provincial. I had rope on hand that I had bought from the dollar store that I used for my DIY farmhouse sign. Once the stain was dry, I cut two pieces of rope at the same length. I took the first piece of rope and threaded the ends though the holes on the back of the board and tied knots to keep it secured. Then I repeated this with the second piece of rope through the front two holes. I ensured the rope was even and decided to hang it from my anchor hook in my spare bedroom.


Like I said, super easy wood project! So happy with how it turned out and because it was completed using leftover materials, it was free !! I am making two shelves in white for a family member's nursery for her baby girl due this summer which will be so sweet :)

Jess xx