Valentine's Day + First Year of the Penny Drawer

Today is not only Valentine's Day but also one year since I launched the Penny Drawer! Happy Valentine's Day all & Happy Birthday to the Penny Drawer!!


I am so thrilled to have been blogging for a year now and want to thank you all for your love and support! I love being able to share my DIY projects and home décor with you all and hope to keep some exciting content coming. Later this week I hope to have a post up about my sister's winter wedding that took place this past Saturday. I will save all of the amazing details for a full post but needless to say it was AH-MAZING!!

I may not be the most consistent blogger and this is something I hope to improve over time. I work both a full and part time job in mental health which keeps me pretty busy but I hope to dedicate more time to projects and blogging going forward. I am also starting some in home consulting and will hopefully sell some of my DIY pieces locally so stay tuned :).

This year I really didn't do much for Valentine's decorating (like seriously, nothing) given our busy weekend with the wedding and just wanting to relax since we returned home. I did grab some valentine's mini cupcakes and wore my most festive pjs this morning. I am working afternoons this week so I didn't get to spend the evening with my Valentine's but we were happy to keep things low key this year.

Here is my Valentine's post from last year for some festive inspiration. Enjoy!!

Jess xx