DIY Industrial Inspired Shelf

 I posted about my bathroom makeover and plans to create an industrial inspired shelf back in April and I FINALLY got around to completing it! I don't know what took me so long given that I had the materials and it was an easy project. Do you ever have projects left unfinished? I clearly do.

I started by heading to the plumbing section at Home Depot. I purchased 2 floor flanges, 2- 6"nipples (yes, you read that correctly), and 2 end caps. These are pretty easy to find, but ask for assistance if you have trouble locating them.

I didn't take a picture of the pieces before painting so I borrowed this photo from  Storefront Life

I didn't take a picture of the pieces before painting so I borrowed this photo from Storefront Life

I attached the pieces and spray painted them using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. I also spray painted the screws I planned to use as I didn't have any black ones.

A friend of mine kindly gave me a great piece of wood he had leftover from the mantle he made. I cut it down to the size I wanted using a miter and table saw. I sanded the entire piece with 60 grit sandpaper as it was pretty rough and had lots of splinters. I decided to leave it 'au natural' as I was going for a rustic look and didn't want to alter this with paint or stain.

I was a bit nervous about hanging the brackets given that I was attaching it to shiplap so there was no room for any mistakes. I triple checked my measurements and used my level to ensure everything would be straight. The stud is located right in the middle of the wall where I was hanging my shelf so I couldn't screw into this, I used drywall anchors instead.

Once my brackets were hung, I set the wood on top and held my breath. I was so relieved that it was straight and looked awesome!

I styled the shelf with some simple décor I had one hand and love how it fits with the rest of the bathroom. And the babyboo pumpkin is my favourite fall piece :)

My DIY 'lake' sign finally made it's way into the bathroom as I had originally intended.

Closer view of the pipe brackets

Closer view of the pipe brackets

The pipe for the brackets cost about $15 all together and the wood for the shelf was free. I hung the shelf at eye level as I thought it would look best and it also provides enough room if I decided to hang a second shelf below it. I am liking the simplicity of just one but if I needed additional storage or am craving more room for décor, I could easy spend another $15 to create a second one.

I am so happy with the finished look and think it compliments the rustic, farmhouse feel of my bathroom perfectly!

Jess xx