DIY Farmhouse Signs

This week I have been working afternoons so I have been home in the mornings which is a great break from the usual Monday to Friday grind. I have enjoyed time at home with Poppy, morning coffee in the backyard sun and completing some DIY projects.

I was given an old window from a friend a while back and have been trying to figure out what I wanted do with it. This week I finally decided to clean it up and make my own farmhouse inspired sign.


I wiped it down with a damp cloth and sanded off some of the old paint. I applied a coat of white chalk paint and distressed the edges slightly.

Initially I was going to use a stencil and paint the letters but decided it was going to be challenging stenciling on glass. I had picked up some sticky letters from Walmart and used these instead to spell "MARKET".


I added gold screw eyes to the top of the frame and rope from the dollar store to hang it from.

I hung my new sign in the hallway of my kitchen so its a bit of a funny place to take photos :)

I hung my new sign in the hallway of my kitchen so its a bit of a funny place to take photos :)

For my 2nd sign, I used a short piece of plywood leftover from my shiplap wall. I painted it using the same white chalk paint and printed the letters "LAKE" using the font Modern No. 20.

I cut out the letters to use as a stencil and positioned them on the board. Using a ruler and pen, I sketched the edges of the letters applying pressure to create the outline underneath. The straight edges of the letters allowed me to use painters tape to make stenciling easier.

I used a small paint brush to apply Behr Liquid Mercury leftover from my bathroom vanity makeover.  

Once dry, I sanded the entire board to give it a weathered look. I didn't use the sticky letters for this sign so that I could distress them. 

This piece would fit well in my cottage-y spare room but I plan to put it in the bathroom. If I ever get around to making the industrial style shelf I have mentioned before, it will sit on top of it.

I am so happy with my new signs and plan to make many more for the house and holidays :)

Jess xx