How to Frame a Builder's Mirror

To complete my bathroom makeover, I removed the existing frame on the builder's mirror and constructed my own. I purchased two pieces of pine from Home Depot for about $5 each. I measured the length and width of the mirror, adding about 2inches and cut the boards on a 45 degree angle using a miter saw.

We assembled the frame using Brad nails and the air nailer plus some wood glue.

I applied Minwax stain in Classic Grey with a 2' bristle brush. I sanded the frame slightly with 100 grit sandpaper and finished it with Annie Sloan dark wax as I did for my bedroom nightstands. Make sure to stain both sides of the frame as you will see the back side reflected in the mirror

To attach the frame to the mirror, I used 4 large command strips which can hold up to 16lbs and can be adjusted as needed. Although I have no plans of removing the frame, I didn't like the idea of using liquid nails or actual nails to attach the frame to the wall and mirror.

I had already gone ahead and notched small pieces out using an exacto knife to allow room for the mirror clips. Because of the command strips, the mirror does not lay flush against the mirror therefore the clips were not an issue after all.

This was such a simple project and cost only $10! I am so happy with how it completes the farmhouse look of the bathroom. I plan to do something similar in our downstairs bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jess xx