Welcome to The Penny Drawer!!

Hi, I’m Jess and welcome to The Penny Drawer! I am very excited to be writing my very first blog post! I have been crafting, creating, decorating and DIY-ing for years and after much encouragement and support from my family and friends, The Penny Drawer started!

My interest in home décor & design started at a young age. Growing up, I loved to decorate and rearrange my room. When I moved away to university, I started repurposing inexpensive items to make my space my own. I quickly became a dollar store junkie! Seriously, who spends $100 at the dollar store?! THIS GIRL!! I love a good deal and being able to furnish and decorate my home affordably while still representing my style.

I should also mention that I LOVE holidays & seasons—any excuse to decorate!! Fall is my absolute favourite season and Christmas is my favourite holiday. Falalala!

Today, I work full time at a mental health agency and enjoy spending my spare time completing projects and decorating my home.  Self care is very important in my line of work and I find crafting, decorating and DIYing to be very therapeutic. I love coming home at the end of a stressful day to the cozy and homey environment I have created and diving into a project.

I love to follow DIY, decor, lifestyle and fashion blogs, as well as Pinterest and Instagram. Having lived vicariously through other bloggers and designers, I am excited to try my hand at it and document my DIY projects and decor to share with you. That being said, I hope to share more than furniture I have painted or the mantle I have redecorated for the 100th time. Please feel free to ask questions, leave feedback and hopefully feel inspired!

I would like to thank my fabulous friend Kelsey Bradley for her creativity in coming up with the name "The Penny Drawer". I am not the most tech savy and unfortunately I have deleted photos of past projects and décor (really kicking myself for that now!) That's the trouble in using your iPhone for everything--not enough storage!  I hope to start capturing every before and after from now on.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you will stay tuned!

Jess xx