Chalk Paint Fireplace Facelift

Since I have been seriously slacking on posting what I have been working on recently, I decided that on Thursdays I will share a previously completed DIY project. Today I am talking about my love for chalk paint and my very first furniture facelift!

My boyfriend and I have been very fortunate having furnished most of our home with pieces that were handed down from family and friends. All of the furniture has been in pretty great shape but in need of a facelift. This is where my love for chalk paint started!!

 I had read lots about chalk paint but was hesitant initially given the price which is almost $50 for a quart. We had several pieces of wood furniture with mismatched, damaged and dated looking stains, so I decided that chalk paint was worth the price if it meant no stripping, sanding and priming.

My first chalk paint project was in 2013 when I made over our oak fireplace. It felt especially dated with the orange-y stain and brass metal front. The trim and doors throughout the house are white so I knew it would coordinate well. My boyfriend on the other hand thought it would be too bright, saying that we would have to wear sunglasses inside. HA!

Sorry for the poor quality photo!

Sorry for the poor quality photo!

I purchased Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White from 'Diamonds and Toads' in St. Thomas, ON. I applied it using a 2" bristle brush (No, I did not buy the special chalk paint brush). I was amazed by how easy it is to work with and the coverage is incredible! I painted two coats and used a small artist's brush to get in the nooks and crannies of the decorative piece. I used Annie Sloan clear soft wax to seal the fireplace, applying it with a brush. (I now use a cloth to apply wax as I find it much easier).

I used Tremclad high heat enamel paint in flat black for the metal front. I applied this with a small foam brush instead of a bristle brush as it was leaving visible brush strokes.

I love, love, love the result and no, we did not have to wear sunglasses inside! This was my first successful project. Having transformed the fireplace into the current century, I felt I could take on anything and my love for DIY really took off!!

I have since become more familiar with chalk paint and should have sanded the fireplace down prior to applying clear wax as you can see brush strokes in some areas, BUT HEY I was learning!

Next, I painted our TV stand to match the fireplace as it had a very similar stain and was given to us for free :)

 I decided to try distressing this piece to give it a slightly different look. I am a sucker for anything distressed and talk about making painting even easier! Since you are going to sand the entire piece, there is no need for a perfect paint job. For distressing, I use 120 grit sandpaper over the entire piece and applied more pressure on edges and corners to make it look more "worn". I finished it with clear wax and replaced the dated cabinet pulls with black ones I purchased from the dollar store. Remember when I said I was a dollar store junkie?! 

TA -DA! Another piece made over and the only cost was the paint and the $1 hardware. 

Don't mind the Christmas and Valentine's Décor ;)

I love how much it brightened up the room! I have added and changed things over the years but chalk paint did an amazing job transforming the space. I am really excited to continue updating this room by changing the wall color, sconces and furniture eventually.

I have plenty of other pieces I am excited to share with you. Stay tuned for my next throwback Thursday!

Jess xx