DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Today I am sharing my super duper easy DIY mason jar snow globe. This takes only minutes to complete and you may even have all of the materials lying around your home. I made my first mason jar snow globe several years ago and still love pulling it out every year with my Christmas décor!

To make your own snow globe, you will need;

-a mason jar with a lid

-small dollar store tree

-Epsom salt

-hot glue gun

I started by trimming the top of my tree slightly as it was a touch to tall for my mason jar. You can use whatever size jar you want but I only had this size on hand.

You are then going to attach the bottom of the tree to the inside of the mason jar lid with hot glue.

Pour Epsom salt into your mason jar approx. 1/3 full.

I held my jar sideways to allow the salt to make room for the tree as I attached the lid.

Screw your lid onto your mason jar and flip upside down so that the salt falls around the tree. You can adjust your salt and tree as needed. I had to take my lid off a few times to get the positioning right.

And now you have a mason jar snow globe :) I don't add any liquid to mine as I like the simplicity of this. You could add a plastic toy car or animals to create a winter scene if using a larger jar.

Great for gifts or stocking stuffers or simply decorating your home. Enjoy !!

Jess xx