I am still trying to finish up my laundry room makeover, but wanted to share one of the quick DIY sign I completed. There are a few different DIY projects that I will share later after the full reveal so for now here are the details on my really simple laundry sign.

Throughout this makeover, I have made sure to keep cost in mind.  For décor, I headed to the dollar store for glass jars and containers as well as baskets and also gathered items from around the house that were fitting for the space. I knew I wanted to make a simple sign for the laundry room and I decided to do one similar to my DIY LAKE SIGN using a leftover pieces of shiplap.

I found a piece of shiplap in the garage that was the perfect size. I painted the edges flat black and then my DIY white chalk paint on top. I distressed the wood heavily using 100 grit sandpaper letting the black show through.

I grabbed my alphabet stickers I used for my DIY MARKET SIGN and spelt out "LAUNDRY". I measured to ensure the letters would centered on the board and stuck them on.


And that's it, an easy peasy farmhouse inspired laundry sign that fits perfectly in my black and white laundry room. Can't wait to get the shelving hung and styled and share the rest of the room details. 

Below is a little sneak peak of the entryway into the laundry room including the DIY bench made from a larger shelving unit. I will share more details later. Stay tuned :)


Jess xx

Industrial inspired desk + wood top

While I was at Home Depot a few weeks ago purchasing wood for my dining room floating shelves, I also picked up some extra to replace my desktop. This metal desk was from my childhood bedroom, had a metal frame and glass top. I wanted to update it and give it an industrial look so I decided to replace the glass with wood and spray painted the bottom. Easy peasy.

I purchased (2) 1x6x8 and had them cut in half at the store to fit more easily in my car. Once I was home, I used my table saw to cut them down to 40inches. I sanded the ends using my palm sander. Then, I laid the wood down on the floor side by side forming my desk top. Rather than get technical and figure out a way to secure the top to the desk legs, I simply added 1x2s to fit snugly between the metal to keep the top in place. This also attached the wood slats together easily.

I used 1.5 inch wood screws to attach the 1x2s to the 1x6s, careful not to drill through the desk top. I stained the wood using Minwax Classic Grey that I had on hand. I applied the stain using a cloth and also used a bit of Annie Sloan's dark wax to finish it. In retrospect, I should have stained the boards beforehand as it was a little tricky to get in between them and ensure any unfinished wood wasn't peaking through.

I spray painted the bottom of the desk using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. Once it was dry, I placed the wood on top of the desk legs and it fit snugly and was held securely in place by the 1x2s underneath.

This was a really easy update for my desk that gave it the industrial feel that I wanted and updated my office space. And it only cost $6.30 in wood to create the new look. This small space rarely looks this clean as it often becomes a dumping group for half finished products and materials. I am making an effort to keep it more presentable :)

I have been working on a few new projects lately including making over my laundry room and stenciling my bathroom floor. Can't wait to share updates with you soon !!

Jess xx

DIY Hanging Shelf

 I have been on a bit of a kick with wood projects lately. Wood is so inexpensive and an easy way to create new décor or add to existing furniture for a new look.

After completing my DIY floating shelves and creating the wood top for my industrial style desk (details coming soon), I had lots of leftover pieces kicking around. I used a piece of 1x4 to create a simple hanging shelf for the spare bedroom.

This is a really easy project and therefore I finished it so quickly I didn't even take pics. It's pretty straight forward just by looking at it and I hope these instructions suffice :)

I took my 1x4 and used my largest size drill bit to drill 4 holes in each of the corners. I sanded the holes and then stained the wood using Minwax Provincial. I had rope on hand that I had bought from the dollar store that I used for my DIY farmhouse sign. Once the stain was dry, I cut two pieces of rope at the same length. I took the first piece of rope and threaded the ends though the holes on the back of the board and tied knots to keep it secured. Then I repeated this with the second piece of rope through the front two holes. I ensured the rope was even and decided to hang it from my anchor hook in my spare bedroom.


Like I said, super easy wood project! So happy with how it turned out and because it was completed using leftover materials, it was free !! I am making two shelves in white for a family member's nursery for her baby girl due this summer which will be so sweet :)

Jess xx