DIY Hanging Shelf

 I have been on a bit of a kick with wood projects lately. Wood is so inexpensive and an easy way to create new décor or add to existing furniture for a new look.

After completing my DIY floating shelves and creating the wood top for my industrial style desk (details coming soon), I had lots of leftover pieces kicking around. I used a piece of 1x4 to create a simple hanging shelf for the spare bedroom.

This is a really easy project and therefore I finished it so quickly I didn't even take pics. It's pretty straight forward just by looking at it and I hope these instructions suffice :)

I took my 1x4 and used my largest size drill bit to drill 4 holes in each of the corners. I sanded the holes and then stained the wood using Minwax Provincial. I had rope on hand that I had bought from the dollar store that I used for my DIY farmhouse sign. Once the stain was dry, I cut two pieces of rope at the same length. I took the first piece of rope and threaded the ends though the holes on the back of the board and tied knots to keep it secured. Then I repeated this with the second piece of rope through the front two holes. I ensured the rope was even and decided to hang it from my anchor hook in my spare bedroom.


Like I said, super easy wood project! So happy with how it turned out and because it was completed using leftover materials, it was free !! I am making two shelves in white for a family member's nursery for her baby girl due this summer which will be so sweet :)

Jess xx

DIY Floating Shelves

I am still trying to complete projects only using materials I have on hand. I did cave slightly and purchased some wood but it is so inexpensive that I don't feel too bad about it. I have been wanting to add some natural wood accents to a few spaces around the house. First on my list was to create some floating shelves for the dining room.

I made two for our downstairs bathroom which I absolutely love so I used the same plans provided by Thrifty & Chic Decor, this time using their exact measurements (I made my bathroom shelves 24in rather than 36). You can find the full tutorial here.

I purchased my wood at Home Depot and cut it at home using my table saw. I assembled the shelves as per the instructions and stained using Minwax Dark Walnut that I had on hand. I finished them using my Annie Sloan dark wax. I hung them ensuring to drill into the studs as I wanted them to be able to support some weight.



Brackets hung, drilled into the studs

Brackets hung, drilled into the studs

Shelves slide over your brackets

Shelves slide over your brackets


I styled the shelves primarily using items I had around the house. I did purchase the Brown Booze recipe book from Homesense as well as the water jug from the dollar store. This tea cup was my grandmother's so it is very fitting that it is now on display. My favourite piece displayed on my new shelves is the framed cow picture. I already had the large black frame and found this free minimal cow printable from Okie Home.


I always have San Pellegrino bottles on hand that I love to use for styling and decor. I also used the small wood wine sign to cover/distract from our thermostat. I made the decorative orb using embroidery hoops I had on purchased on sale awhile ago. I intend on spray painting them gold but haven't gotten to it yet.

I am so thrilled with how the shelves turned out. I think they compliment the space really well. And, they cost less than $10 per shelf to make. I have plans to build an industrial style side table to replace the current piece underneath the shelves. Just another project on my list :)

Stay tuned for more DIY wood projects.

Jess xx

Spring Decor + Easter Weekend Plans

HELLOOOOO LONG WEEKEND!! I am so excited for Easter this weekend and that it is finally feeling like Spring and therefore we are one step closer to summer! Although I always express my love for fall, I really do love all the seasons and look forward to the change that comes with each one!  The days are a little longer, the sun is shining (hopefully) and we can open up the windows, finally! Lately I have been working on spring cleaning and de-cluttering and also got our yard cleaned up and the patio furniture out to enjoy over the long weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine and warm weather!!

I love incorporating colour back into my home décor come Spring! My winter pallet is pretty neutral so I always love pulling out some pastels that have been hidden away for a few months.

DIY twine + carrot  from my craft workshop

DIY twine + carrot from my craft workshop

I like to pick up some grocery store tulips before Easter ($5, yes please) as well as a new spring candle. I also love the faux forsythia from the dollar store which can be styled in a vase or easily added to a wreath.

My favourite Easter décor is using faux eggs, like these twine ones I made for my craft night. I also found these pastel and gold leaf plastic ones also from the dollar store.

This weekend will be spent with friends at the annual broomball tournament in Port Stanley as well as a family celebration on Sunday which of course involves lots of food! As always with holidays and long weekends, it will be spent eating and drinking too much and enjoying the company of our favourite people! Here are a few festive food and drink ideas for the weekend- recipes can be found on my Pinterest board;

Lavender pear vodka lemonade

Lavender pear vodka lemonade

 I am very hopeful it will be nice enough out to enjoy our backyard. Come on, sunshine !!

Happy Easter, friends!! Enjoy your long weekend :)

Jess xx